After buying a classic A-class catamaran (German Flyer I), I found myself crawling the internet for rigging and tuning advice, and tips to get the best performance out of this great boat. As the information was not as easy to come by, I decided to make it available in a single place for everyone to enjoy.

The A-class is actually a very simple boat. You’ve got a mainsheet, traveller, cunningham – that’s pretty much it. They’re really easy to sail but like many boats, hard to sail fast.

Glenn Ashby, 10-times A-class World Champion


The information here is not written by me, I’ve just collected and edited it slightly for structure. Parts are taken from a tuning guide published by Australian High Performance Catamarans, currently known as Goodall Design, a page explaining the wingmast shared by sailmaker Landerberger / OneDesign and a paper called Sailing the A Class written by Glenn Ashby, found in an old forum post.